Vasilo Ioannou was born in Plaisia, Ioannina, Greece, where she remained until finishing her high school education. She then moved to Athens, Greece and became a member of the Greek Dance Group “ELENI TSOULI” which she currently dances for today. While dancing with “ELENI TSOULI” Vasilo was introduced to Domna Samiou, who collaborated with the group and was taught traditional dances, as well as learning rebetika and folk rhythms via private lessons. 

In the years following, Vasilo taught many schools in the Attica, Athens, Greece region. Since 1993, she’s taught dance in Agia Paraskevi, Athens in elementary schools, gymnasiums, to the elderly and to the disabled. She also has taught dance to multiple cultural and ethnic groups in the nearby regions of Agia Paraskevi; including Anthousa, Paiania, Vrilissia, Glyka Nera, and Koropi. During the years 2004-2005, Vasilo taught a group of 340 students at the Athens University of Economics and Business the art of dance at a rapid pace. She also participated in the 2004 Olympic Games voluntarily dancing with a group of 200 children. 

Today, Vasilo has been featured by over six Greek TV channels for presenting local costumes and traditional dances, rebetika dances, and folk dances, with various groups of both children and adults. Vasilo Ioannou is a member of the UNESCO International Dance Council of CID, where she has presented work on dances of all ages, in all costumes and different jewelry at two International Dance Conferences which have been held in Athens, Greece. Each year she performs in groups that she has taught dancing prior to, at local municipal events, and in central performances such as those held at the Dora Stratou Theatre.

Vasilo will be teaching dances from Leukada, Thesaly, Mykonos, Leros and Rhodes.